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Friday, 31 May 2019

Hindu sgm

Hospimart Shoppe at the Penang General Hospital is selling 500ml Cactus Mineral Water for RM1.50 the same brand is sold outside Hospimart Cake shop for RM1.10, poor patients usually buying the drinking water for the Pelvic Ultrasound Bladder and Urine Flow Test, before going for the test patients need to drink water.
Hospimart management should not look for profit at the expense of poor patients.
Consumer should check the price before buying at Hospimart Shoppe hope other grocery items are not overcharged.
Hope the Penang Hospital  management and the state Health Department should look into the matter urgently.
Hospimart Shoppe, should not use profit as primary business purpose n there no price tag on mineral water.
Penang Hindu Association