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Thursday, 24 November 2016

செய்தி    : ஆர்.தசதரன் 

நவ           : 22.11.2016

புக்கிட் மெர்தாஜம்

போலீஸ் காரை மோதி ஆடவன் தப்பி ஓட்டம்

BUKIT MERTAJAM: A car chase late Tuesday resulted in three policemen getting injured and a suspect on the run.
The male suspect, in his 30s, was stopped by police during a routine check at about 10pm in Jalan Juru here but he sped off.
The policemen gave chase until the suspect's car came to a halt at the end of a road.
The policemen ordered the suspect to come out of the car, but he instead reversed his car which hit the policemen.
One of the policemen managed to open fire at the car but the bullet missed the tyre.
Police later recovered the suspect's car abandoned at a factory nearby but without the suspect.
Central Seberang Prai district police chief Asst Comm Nik Ros Azhan said several items were recovered from the suspect's car. Investigations are being conducted for attempted murder.
It is believed that the suspect is from Selangor and has past criminal records.